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Minimum Call Length

For the best cards, the minimum call length is the same as the billing increment.  Others will charge you for a certain minimum number of minutes no matter how short your call is.

For example, assume your card has a 3-minute minimum.  You call someone and get their answering machine and leave a 10-second message.  You will still be charged for 3 minutes.  If you only make longer calls, this is not a problem.  But if you often make short calls or reach answering machines or voice mailboxes, watch out!

Even worse!  Some cards start charging as soon as you place the call, not when someone answers.  This can result in being charged for the minimum call even when you get a busy signal!

If your card has a minimum call length, use our PHONE CARD COST CALCULATOR to see how this affects your REAL cost per minute.

Read the fine print!  If you don't find it there, it could be anything!