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Phone Card Cost per Minute

This is what you are really interested in when you buy a phone card.  There is an ADVERTISED per minute rate, and then there is the REAL per minute rate.

Advertised Rate

This is usually the biggest number printed on the card.  It tells you ONLY how much each minute costs AFTER any other charges.  Phone Card companies compete primarily on their advertised rate.  What your call actually costs can vary widely between different phone cards.  Even if you take the total number of minutes advertised on a phone card and divide it by the cost of the card, it will often be higher than the advertised rate.

Real Cost per Minute

This is the number you get when you add ALL the costs of making the call and then divide by the number of minutes you actually talked.  The result is almost always MUCH MORE than the advertised per minute rate.

To find the REAL COST of using your phone card use our PHONE CARD COST CALCULATOR.

Read the fine print!  If you don't find it there, it could be anything!