Billing Increment

The billing increment is the smallest unit of time you are charged for.  The better cards divide the minute by 10 and give you a 6-second billing increment.  For others it may be one minute or more.  If you plan to make more than a few calls on one card, this can make a significant difference in your real pre-minute cost.

For example, your billing increment is 6 seconds and you make a call that lasts 66 seconds, you are charged for 66 seconds.  However, if the billing increment is 1 minute, you will be charged for 2 minutes, or 120 seconds.  This is almost double!

Typically, on the average, you will be charged for an extra 30 seconds each call if your billing increment is 1 minute, compared to a billing increment of 6 seconds.  These half minutes can really add up if you make very many calls, especially if they tend to be shorter calls.

If your card has a billing increment greater than 6 seconds, use our PHONE CARD COST CALCULATOR to see how this affects your REAL cost per minute.

Read the fine print!  If you don't find it there, it could be anything!